Bouncy Castle Hire in Warwickshire


Bongo Inflatables specialise in a range of bouncy castles that we deliver to all over Warwickshire. Our range includes many popular kids castles including Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, Peppa Pig, Pirates and Princesses too. We have some great adult bouncy castles too.

Mother and her daughters having fun on jumping castle

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There are loads of fantastic ways to hold a great, fun party for your kids in Warwickshire. We specialise in bouncy castle hire but along the way we come across some fantastic ideas we thought we would share with you. Princess parties for girls and Pirate parties for boys are amongst the most popular parties and are always a big hit, below we have listed some of our favourite ideas.

Pirate Parties
Treasure Hunt
Hide treasure be it sweets, toys etc around the garden or hall you are using for the party. You need to print a pirate treasure style map along with clues to give to the children, each map can guide to different treasure so that everyone isn’t battling for the same treasure.

Cannonball Game
Tie a balloon to the ankle of each child. The aim of the game is to keep your cannonball unexploded but to pop anyone else’s. A great way to entertain the kids but don’t let them get too violent!

Stop the Scurvy
No pirate wants to catch scurvy. But what prevents scurvy? lots of vitamin C! So a game like apple bobbing can work well or why not try the more traditional sea faring food and go Lime bobbing instead!

To add even more fun to your party why not hire either our pirate themed bouncy castle or our princess themed bouncy castle. Both are available for delivery all over Warwickshire. Book your Bouncy Castle Hire today.